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How do I know if a Modular will be able to be placed on my land?
Talk to a sales representative, they will set up a site evaluation to ensure we can place a modular unit on your existing property.Ai?? We own some very unique equipment which gives us the capability to place a modular unit in places where most other modular companies can not.
Do I have to already own land to buy a Maston Home?
No, we offer land/home packages if you do not already own land. You can see the different communities we offer, by going to our communities page.
How much do these Homes Cost?
$95 per square foot is a VERY Ball Park Figure. It is very difficult to provide pricing because there are so many options and different possibilities even on the floor plans that we have listed. Shipping costs can vary greatly as well. So please talk with a sales representative to get accurate cost information.
Can I save money by building a modular home? forzest dosage.
Construction costs for a modular home are typically less per square foot than for a similar site-built home. And there are other cost-saving features: 

  • Many modular homes are very energy efficient, which helps reduce your heating and cooling costs.
  • Your home will be ready to move into much sooner than if you wait for a builder to construct a house on-site.Ai?? Saving you interest on your construction loan.
Do lenders view modular homes differently than site built homes?
Banks, appraisers, and insurance companies treat modular homes the same way they do site built homes–a house that’s constructed entirely on your property. Ask the mortgage brokers and banks in your area to explain how they finance modular homes.
Do modular homes have the same code requirements as a site built home?
An Off Frame Modular is subject to meet the same local building codes as a Stick Built Home and is subject to the same County Permitting and Inspection process
How much finishing can I do? generic viagra in america pharmacies.
Although most people prefer a “Turn Key” Solution, arrangements can be made for you to participate in certain areas.
Do I need to hire a contractor?
No, but you can if you choose. You can sub contract as much of the construction as you would like to. For assembly of the house, we have our crew and a team of subs that we usually use. For preliminary foundation work you may want to use your contractor instead of ours. If you would like to be your own GC, you can hire your own sub contractors to do the work instead of Maston.
Can my plans be converted to a modular plan?
Yes, we can build custom from just about any plans. If you see a home on the internet that you like, get the plans to us and we will provide you with a cost quote.
What is the difference between a modular home and a site built home?
Very Little, A modular home is built in pieces in a factory, then transported to the new address, assembled there, and then finished off. It must pass all the same inspections and approvals of the local building authorities.
What is the building process?
First, you need to find a building lot if you don’t already own one or have one picked out. Your Builder can often help you find a lot and in many cases already own lots ready for your home. As your home begins the actual production process, the site will need to be excavated and a foundation completed which your Builder can do or you may do yourself. While the foundation is being completed, your home is built and delivered to the site. Our set up crew will “set” your home on its foundation with a crane, raise the hinged roof, permanently tie the modules together and to the foundation, and weatherproof your home. The finish site work then begins. The major items include; drywall finish, hanging doors on the “marriage” wall (the wall where the modules mate), finishing the trim and floor covering in areas where it could not be completed in the factory because of location relative to the marriage wall, HVAC installation, plumbing and electrical hookup (the vast majority of these systems are in place and simply need to be connected together and to utilities), and optional garages, porches, brick or stone, etc. Maston normally completes all of the site work, but in many cases allows you to do some of this site work yourself. Maston will likely tailor a proposal to include as much or as little site work as desired. See a Sales Representative for additional details.
What Are The Advantages Of Building A Modular Home vs. Onsite Construction?
1. NO cost overruns on the home or it’s components from the manufacturer. Modular homes typically cost between 10 – 15% less than onsite construction. 

2. Overall building time is reduced – much of your sitework can be completed while the home is being built at the manufacturing plant.

3. On-time delivery to your site

4. Superior quality control including in-house inspections as well as outside 3rd party inspections

5. Constructed to meet or exceed Federal, State, and Local building codes

6. Homes are built by a highly skilled workforce with years of homebuilding experience performing standardized procedures with factory grade equipment.

7. Environmentally conscious, highly engineered materials used in construction are stored inside and are not exposed to weather or vandalism

sertraline side effects. #generic Zoloft. sertraline and alcohol. Can You Build a Modular Home from my Plans?
Yes, we can build custom from just about any plans. If you see a home on the internet that you like, get the plans to us and we will provide you with a cost quote.
What is the difference between a modular home and one that is constructed at a building site?
Very Little, A modular home is built in pieces in a factory, then transported to the new address, assembled there, and then finished off. It must pass all the same inspections and approvals of the local building authorities.
What are the restrictions on building a modular home?
There are very few restrictions singling out modular homes. They must meet your local building codes as well as your State codes. Our manufacturers know these codes well and work within them.
How long from start to finish?
This varies greatly with the size of the project. Upon speaking with a sales representative, we can give a timeline based on the floorplan and options you have chosen.
I would like to go Modular, but I don’t feel like I know enough. What should I do?
We offer a consulting service for anyone building a new home. You should contact us and let us know how you feel. We will do everything we can to educate you on the modular process.
They sound like mobile homes. Are they the same thing?
No, there is a big difference between the two: 

  • Manufactured (mobile) homes are constructed in accordance with standards promulgated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. After passing HUD inspections at the factory they must be transported as a vehicle, and each section of the home must be titled as such by the Residing States Division of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.


  • Modular homes are constructed to the standards set forth in the residing States Building Code. They meet and often times exceed the same standards as site-built homes. Unlike manufactured homes, modular homes are lifted off their transports by crane and placed onto permanent stemwall foundations. They are considered ai??i??real propertyai??i?? and are deeded just like site-built homes. Since modular homes comply with the same codes as conventional dwellings, they may be installed in a subdivision of conventional, site-built homes. The same mortgage rules and regulations apply to modular homes as do conventional site-built homes. If you plan on putting a modular home in a subdivision with a homeowner’s association (HOA), check with them first to see what stipulations they may have. HOAs can require your home to look like other homes in the neighborhood (i.e. – stucco, etc.) and appear similar in appearance architecturally. Since modulars can be custom-built and finished just like any home, it’s usually not a problem to build a home that will comply.
Don’t all modular homes look alike?
No, and unless you were there to see the house delivered and assembled, you might not guess it’s a modular home. Modular home manufacturers use computer aided design programs to draw plans to your specifications, or to modify one of their standard plans to suit your needs, so nearly any home plan can be turned into a modular home. 

Each manufacturer is different, so be sure to ask questions about flexibility if you would like to design your own home.

Will my off-site built home hold its value over time?
Yes, just as well as a site built home. In fact, as more data accumulates, it is apparent in many cases that a high quality off-site built home, because of the structural integrity, will hold its value better and will appreciate at a more favorable rate than a comparably priced site built home.
How is a Maston home designed and by whom?
The structural integrity of your home is assured by our factory’s staff of qualified engineers and computer aided design (CAD) operators. The use of computers helps to eliminate design flaws sometimes found in site built homes. Our plans are state approved and inspected.
Won’t people be able to tell my home was built in a factory?
No. Once your home is on it’s foundation (full basement or crawl space) and the site work is done, no one will know unless they saw the modules arrive on site. Basically, our homes are stick built in a factory. It is very difficult to tell any difference, unless the noticed difference is the higher quality and better value for the dollar than your neighbors. 

How does a Maston modular home differ from a ai???manufactured or mobile homeai????

Manufactured homes, sometimes referred to as mobile homes, are built to the HUD Code, a national code for manufactured housing. The HUD Code, unlike conventional state building codes used by modular home manufacturers and site builders, requires manufactured homes to be built on non-removable steel chassis. Many neighborhoods exclude manufactured homes but accept modular homes because they are built to the same code as site-built homes.

I hear a lot about ai???Greenai??? building. Are modulars green? where to buy doxycycline over the counter. #Purchase Doxycycline. buy doxycycline for dogs online.

Green building is a practice of using sustainable materials and designs in new construction.Ai?? Yes, modular homes are by their very nature green.Ai?? Assembly in an enclosed indoor enviornment contributes to reduced waste of material at the factory and at the job site, lessens the enviornmental impact on the land and the community where the house is being delivered, and allows for a tighter built structure to maximize energy efficiency – all of which are key components to green building standards.Ai?? For more information, visitAi??www.nahb.org/greenbuilding.